What we do

With over 20 years of expertise in NHS healthcare governance, we are ideally placed to provide bespoke governance support to the health and care sectors.

We are a network of skilled experts in corporate governance, clinical governance, data governance, and presentation skills, and are ideally placed to provide cost effective bespoke support to help you to success.

We support existing and emerging organisations, integrated care systems, primary care networks, community and acute providers, and beyond through coaching, training, and consultancy support.

Our skilled and experienced coaches and specialists provide:
• individual and group coaching,
• training, and
• consultancy support.

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Business Meeting


We have coaches on hand to support you and your organisation improve performance.  People are amazingly resourceful and they need space to discover and grow. Working with a coach is a great way of developing you and your team.

Working Together

Governance consultancy projects

Need cost effective help to improve your NHS and healthcare corporate and clinical governance arrangements? We are here to help you. Whether you are an NHS body or an affiliated organisation working in the healthcare sector, we can help.

In Meeting

Healthcare governance training

With over 20 years’ experience in corporate development, we have expertise in those crucial areas that support success – how to run a meeting, how to take minutes, how to identify and manage risks, and much more.