Healthcare governance training

People are your biggest asset, it makes sense to develop and train them so they can draw on more of their natural ingenuity and resource to help your organisation be successful. We have expertise in designing and delivering corporate governance and business training courses. We specialise in SMEs, public sector and third sector.  Our approach is to meet you and find our where you and your organisation is at and tailor training courses to give you and your staff the skills they need. All courses are led by a qualified Company Secretary and adopt a facilitative style. We offer training for people with no experience of corporate governance up to refresher training for seasoned experts.  Group training also builds a team and helps to sustain learning by building networks of people in similar roles for continuous support and growth. If what you’re after is unique to you, get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you take your corporate team to the next level.

Courses we offer:

Effective chairing of meetings 

Minute taking – the basics

Advanced minute taking

Managing conflicts of interest

Risk identification and management


All training is delivered by an experienced ICSA qualified Chartered Governance Professional. We have designed training packages which we will flex to meet your organisation’s needs. Training typically takes place as a one-off three hour session with groups of four to twelve individuals in a facilitative style at your place of work.